terça-feira, outubro 03, 2006

Deadline Now - Von Magnet featuring Persona

A story of people caught through parallel paths, millions of corridors conveying blind existences. The place - a modern metropolis. The time scale - thirtysix hours or thirtysix days... thirtysix months, or... even when thirtysix hours equal to thirtysix years. There, they walk, run, work, phone, step, stamp, dream, stumble, sample, repeat, loop, bug...... Yet, we are witnessing the absurdity of their tasks, waiting for the appearance of signs of weaknesses, of tenderness, of love, even of simple humanity. Have you noticed lately how our perceptions of time have been accelerating ? The urgency of everything or the "everything urgent" syndrom. and to experience the anxiety of inactiveness, As if not doing anything would mean not existing anymore ! Have you felt the fear of not being properly connected ? ruled by the necessity of being available at any moment.... Today we are being linked to the whole world in a matter of seconds but somehow we have never been so lonely. Here timecode is the master, the implacable reality of a metronomic digital heartbeat which all the actors serve or chase throughout the performance... Untill they find - through exhaustion and despair - touch, flesh, breath, freedom or craziness... themselves. Stretching time down to a universal wave of silence.